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  1. Amy


    I’m working on making this pattern (version A, the shorts) and have a question about the side darts. I took both of them in (widening both darts) to make the waist smaller, but now when I try them on, the apex of the darts sort of stick out the sides. Someone on an online sewing group suggested I make the dart longer and/or add darts to the front/back – do you think that would help? I’m a beginner so this is new to me so I’m not sure how much longer to make the darts.

    Thanks and best,

    1. Melissa Watson

      Hi Amy- In sewing darts there are many techniques to make them look great. One thing i would suggest is yes possibly make the dart longer, also when you get to the apex of the dart shorten your stitch length to about 1.5 and sew off the end of the fabric. Hope this helps!

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