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I’m already starting to dread the long winter months ahead; with the cold comes pants, pants, pants! Come spring I’m so tired of the same ol’ jeans. I’m thinking I’ll break it up this winter with a very cozy but chic winter dress. I think my mom’s new shirtdress pattern M7470 from McCall’s is a perfect classic design that could be paired with a heavier weight fabric for those cold days.


The most obvious fabric option is a cozy stretch wool crepe, or why not even evoke some mens detailing and use a knit or stretch woven wool pinstripe? I found some cool detail inspiration for stripes and plaids by putting the placket on the bias and breaking up the vertical stripes. But what I really want to make this out of is a chic velveteen, maybe even crushed! I was worried about using this fabric because this dress has a lot of awesome seaming and top-stitching details that could get lost in the pile of the velveteen; however after scouring the internet I found a clip of some velveteen pants with top-stitching and proof that it will work! I’ve done some inspiration boards for fabric and styling below for your pleasure, all attached with links so you know where I found them.

Hope you enjoy 🙂

For me it’s important to look at ready-to-wear—you can find inspiration for fabrics that you like and/or stay away from fabric you don’t think works in this type of style. It can be very helpful, and a great cheat sheet and starting point! I picked the below images because they are the closest to the shape, fabric, details and length of the dress I want to make. (I will go with View D with long sleeves, including both breast pockets.)


If you feel like you would drown in a longer shirtdress, this pattern also has a shorter view. Here is some inspiration on fabric and styling for the shorter version.short-shirtdresses

Now to the fabric! Lets see whats on the market—in my opinion the most exciting challenge! You can find links to all these fabrics and more on the “Fall/Winter Shirt Dress” Pinterest board I’ve created for this post:

Wool Crepe options:


Wool Knit Options:


Velveteen Options:
Note: Picture on the bottom right is proof that velvet can take topstitching!

With all of these medium weight fabrics I would use PerfectFuse Medium for a little more body in the placket, sleeve cuffs and top collar.


Lastly, I found some great details that I will think about incorporating, depending on what fabric I decide on. If I do a plaid or stripe I will definitely cut the placket on the bias as Jill Sander did below. Again, depending on the fabric, it could be cool to do a contrast collar like Saint Laurent, and look at those bejeweled buttons! Véronique Leroy has some interesting western-evoking decorative stitching on the pockets and belt; I also like her collar shape.


Thanks for reading, and now to collecting the supplies!



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  1. Pati Palmer

    I toured Doris Duke’s home, Shangrila yesterday in Honolulu and the guide was wearing what could be this dress with slide slits almost to the waist over 3/4-length leggings. It was a great warm wearher look. I’m going to start now on that look for next summer!

  2. Anne

    Thanks for your wonderful posts! I’m new to sewing and have been watching your tissue fitting videos, they are very helpful. As I’m new to sewing I could really use help from experts like you in choosing styles that look good on my body type. That is, a shirt dress like this I would love to sew, but, could you offer the same pattern, with slight adaptions for body types. So, if you are an inverted triangle – try this sleeve style on this dress etc,.
    perhaps that’s not realistic for you to do but it would certainly help people like me.

    1. Pati Palmer

      If you are a triangle, you could add flare to the dress to make it more A-line. Start above the waist and widen the side seams to the hem. You might also learn a lot from our new book Looking Good Everyday by Nancy Nix-Rice. You would learn not only styles that would flatter your figure, but tips for determining your best colors, prints, even makeup. We photographed a lot of real people figure types to illustrate her points. Pati Palmer for Melissa Watson

  3. Barbara Moreton

    I think this is a keeper. I love the look,

    I would love to make a blouse with this pattern.

    1. Melissa Watson

      Thanks Barbara! It is not shown here but there is a blouse view in the package! Can’t wait to see how you make it!

  4. Sandra

    I love this pattern! It is just perfect. Now I must find the fabric. Thanks for sharing the pattern and your tips.

  5. Cindy koonz

    Love your posts!

  6. TC Ferrito

    Will this pattern work shortened to a tunic length? With leggings or narrow pants? I think so and will try it. I live in Buffalo and pants in winter are a must. The cold and wind are just too much and I freeze in a dress. I will try Patti’s idea of slits in the side seams, as this would look great in a tunic. Thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Melissa Watson

      Hey TC- This will definitely work with a shorter tunic length, I love the idea of wearing with pants! You could even leave the elastic out for less of a waistline if you want an easier softer look!

  7. Elaine

    Melissa, I am really enjoying your posts and especially all your helpful advice and inspirations. I would like to make this dress in a lighter weight fabric as I live in Florida. I was thInking of a plain or pinstripe rayon blend with some spandex. Do you have some ideas regarding a suitable fabric for a hot climate and an online source? By the way, did you make this dress in a velvetine fabric?

    1. Melissa Watson

      Hi Elaine, This dress we actually made in a cotton corduroy, thats probably why it looks a little velvety. I’d love it in a light weight wool pinstripe, even for warmer weather or even a cotton stretch sateen. It all depends on the color and print I think. mood fabrics https://www.moodfabrics.com/ is a great online resource.

  8. Stephanie

    Just wanted to let you know that I made this pattern (7470). The instructions were very helpful. I measured the way instructed and I feel for me that made all of the difference in the world. I didn’t even need to make adjustments in my pattern because it fit correctly from that one change in how I measured. If I measure that way for other patterns will it be the same?

    Thank you!

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