Are the sewing “workshops” really sewing “vacations”? In other words, do we work or play? Anyone who has the passion for sewing knows it is really playing, when it might look like work to others. A Palmer/Pletsch Sewing Workshop gives you totally focused time to do what you love – sew- with no other responsibilities including cooking for others. Plus you are learning new sewing techniques in the classes, meeting other sewers who share your love of sewing, and making new friends. Some photos from past Palmer Pletsch Sewing Workshops show what really happens:

Well, fabric shopping of course!
fabric tour as part of sewing seminars
Fabric Shopping at Sewing Seminar with Pati Palmer and Melissa Watson McCalls Pattern Designers

Our vacations are held in fabric stores which have a lovely selection of fashion fabrics, notions, and patterns. Some carry sewing machines as well.

Getting your colors done—or re-done!

We have a fabulous image consultant in Portland, Ethel Harms. She consulted on our first Looking Good book and on Looking Good Everyday , by Nancy Nix-Rice. Ethel has developed her own color palettes which means she can give you your palette while you are here so you can use it for shopping. Past students rave about Ethel, their colors, and the experience. She does something very special for our Portland workshop ladies—she brings your personal color palettes to the store and shows you how to shop for fabric using your palette. She will do colors in her studio the day or evening before the workshop or you can make an appointment with her for another evening. We recommend carpooling or cab/uber-sharing to her home studio in Lake Oswego, about 10 minutes from our hotel. (If you are considering coming to Portland, contact Ethel at

Color analysis class within sewing workshop for best fashion sewers wardrobes
Having someone fit you! 


Someone else fits you! It is wonderful to have help tissue-fitting and then tweaking the fit in fabric. Its great to know how to fit yourself but also really great to get practice fitting another person, especially if you want to teach someday! Palmer/Pletsch is know for fitting and you’ll find Palmer/Pletsch trained instructors all over the world. There is now a cool map on our website for locating teachers. –> click here

And, remember you always want to tweak the fit in fabric! After all, you tissue-fit only one half of your body and you have two halves!

Getting inspired is a constant!

You get to see what others are making, buying, fitting, and changing. You get ideas and years of experience from your instructors as well!


Workshop on Jacket Sewing and Tailoring


Come to the Workshop to Learn to Sew with Knits

(Psst. Look at that beautiful knit dress!)

Eating catered gourmet food!

Lunches brought to the location saves more time for your passion.


Sewing and hanging out with new friends!

Laughing is a great stress buster. We love all of our students and they get along so well while sharing their passion for sewing!

Happy Sewing!

Pati Palmer

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  1. Sarada Leclerc

    What I would like to see being offered is a class on the most up to date methods in fitting patterns to make garments that fit. Tissue fitting is one method but it may not work for all as it is not really easy to fit oneself alone.

    1. Melissa Watson

      Hello Sarada- I actually DO believe that the Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting method is the easiest and fastest way to get a great fit, however with any and every method it takes practice. You are also right in that fitting all by yourself is hard if you’ve never done it before. I think if you check take one of our workshops on the P/P tissue fitting method you will be pleasantly surprised on the accurate fit of your finished garment. You can find a workshop near you by visiting our learn section-

      Also regarding up to date.. Pati Palmer is as we speak doing a whole revision on the Fit For Real People book, out next Spring 2018!

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