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July in Portland, Oregon, is a major workshop month at Palmer/Pletsch. The Fitting Fashion Patterns 4-day workshop and our Sewing Camp 5-day workshop were held in Lake Oswego at Montavilla Sewing Center, using the back of the store and a classroom for sewing and lectures. We were also able to sew on any serger or sewing machine that was on the floor, with help from the friendly and knowledgeable staff. Laurel and her sister flew from Australia for both workshops.

My brother and Palmer/Pletsch Operations Manager George Palmer brought Palmer/Pletsch products and patterns students requested. Here he has a box of PerfectFuse interfacings.

George Palmer, Pati's brother

Tissue-fitting, fabric fitting, and, in Camp, sewing too. Helen Bartley, Marta Alto, and I have the knowledge to fit all types of garments on all types of bodies…

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The Fit workshop includes a teacher training day for those who sign up.

teacher training

Friends, like Coleen and Lois, have fun. Many have met at Camp and return every year!

Katharina comes from Japan every year and this year focused on jeans and pants. 

One of her favorite patterns is M7445, a Melissa Watson pant. She lengthened it and used a fly front instead of the exposed zipper. 

She loves the square pockets and has made it several times.

Here are spme photos from the workshops -— photos that show busy, happy, productive students!

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Join us on a Palmer Pletsch Sewing Workshop!

Hope to see you in a sewing workshop soon!

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  1. Becky

    Oh my goodness it’s a class reunion!!! I see five ladies from a workshop we did last November! Gillian. Kathleen. Julia. Rachel. Cheryl??? I think I got all the names correct? LOOKS LIKE FUN! I’ll be there in November.

  2. Carol B.

    I need to move to Portland!

  3. Karin Beamer

    Patti and Marta, just great to see you both and i am glad you talked Marta out of retirement, I know she was talking about it when I went to the July seminar years ago Sure does look like you are all having a great time. Nice to see your brother too.
    We told our home and businesses and moved down to sunny Leesburg Florida last year. So my sewing room made a huge change as did yours. I will never forget the wonderful dinners we had at your gorgeous home.

    Some great new patterns and I can now get back to sewing, now that we have done all of our home changes.

  4. Pauline R WRight

    Oh dear! I am still wearing the knit maxi I made on your first knits course that I attended with Celia. I think it was 6 years ago. Fond memories!

  5. Anne Kendall

    Such happy campers and what a wonderful experience to be surrounded with like-minded women who love to sew!

  6. Sharleen Zebinski

    Looks like a great classroom, great friends stitching!

  7. Barbara

    This is really inspirational. I hope I can join you next July.

  8. Marlene

    So happy to be included in this blog. Don’t know how I got here, but I love it …. will watch for info on this camp and workshop next year …Thanks Patti

  9. tangela purdom

    This is my second workshop and I love them. I had catarac surgery right after the workshop and could not sew! I loved working with the attendants and hope to host Terry and Gillian for the next Portland workshop they take. I was helped by the teachers and the ladies all around me. I am apprently one of those who needs some hand holding on the fabric fitting part too. I love my long semi fitted shirt dress pattern. I was so worried that the dress would not be big enoough that i made it 4 inches to big! I hope to trust better next time Marta. I forgot to sign up for the pant class so hope there is still room for me. I cloud benifit from a class where we bring our projects in progress and sew in the class for 4 days, PLEASE PLEASE .

  10. Pati Palmer

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm, memories, updates and hope you can join us in future workshops!

  11. Laurel

    Hi everyone. My sister Margaret and I had such a great time. We learnt sooooo much during the two courses. We’re actually still on this continent – in the Canadian Rockies at the moment. What a great 5 weeks we have had- the opportunity to learn from Pati, Helen and Marta – a privilege and the fulfilment of a (sewing) life’s ambition. Can’t wait to get home and start the putting our new skills into practice. You’ve totally reinvigorated my sewing life. Thank you.

  12. Pati Palmer

    This group of ladies was so much fun. Thanks for all of your nice comments.

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